Planning the Best Disney Holiday

Every kid’s dream is a vacation to Walt Disney world. However, parents may find it costly. Planning ahead on Disney vacations will allow you to make the most of your vacation in a cost-effective way.
Step 1:
Book your trip well ahead of time. When you book your date well in advance, you can get the rooms and the Disney vacation that you are looking for. There should be a two or three month timeline from when you book your travel arrangements to your dates of departure. Disney packages are different than others in that they will cost more as your departure date nears. Confirm your travel plans early for the best chance of saving big.
Step 2:
Choose the right time to travel. With any luck your Disney plans are fairly flexible. If possible you should try avoiding a Disney resort over major holidays (Christmas, New Years, July 4th, and Thanksgiving). The park is sure to be filled during that time, thus you’ll be charged extra for that period. If you can be easygoing with your travel dates, you could take advantage of Disney value rates. These are more affordable, providing travelers with motivation to take their trips in less busy periods. Try travelling during the off season and work your Disney vacations into your budget.
Step 3:
Make reservations at a Disney resort. Disney resorts are pretty cheap to stay at. It is all the additional extras that tax your wallet. Booking your hotel at a Disney resort can offer you many cost-effective benefits. If you stay in a hotel within the Disney park, you will make more efficient use of your travel time. Transportation is provided free from Disney hotels. Another advantage to booking your rooms at an actual Disney hotel is having a wider time range of access to the park. You can get on the shuttle earlier and beat the crowds in the morning traffic. If you are a Disney resort guest, you will have more time to enjoy the theme park.
Step 4:
Think about getting a meal plan. Food can be very expensive on a Disney vacation, so plan carefully. How about purchasing a meal plan at the Disney resort for the whole family – it’s better than starving just so you can make budget. You can try all the different eateries, including buffets and not worry about the bill later. Choose dining times wisely if you don’t want an inclusive meal. Getting lunch at a Disney park is cheaper than the dinners. If you want lunch in the park, do so but try to avoid dinner in the park. Items that don’t have the Disney logo on them will be cheaper.Step 5:
Be clear about where you are going. It is obvious that Disney parks are enormous. There are too many things to see in only one day. Plan for this. Study the maps and break things down into manageable chunks. You can avoid the rush from one park to another when you split your park visit into a few days. The amount of stress that can be experienced on a hectic Disney vacation can be minimized by allowing plenty of time at the park.

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